Research project
 We have been invested the detail macrophage functions in various diseases using human samples and murine disease models. Since 1980s, so many research articles related to “macrophage” have been published from our laboratory. Our main techniques are immunostaining, PCR, Western blot, producing monoclonal antibody, gene construction, cell culture, microarray, and electron-microscopy. We are now focusing on following research.

1: The significance of tumor-associated macrophages (TAM) in human malignant tumors. Recently, many studies demonstrated that TAMs are closely involved in the development and progression of human malignant tumors. The in vivo and in vitro studies associated to malignant lymphoma, glioma, sarcoma, ovarian cancer, and kidney cancer are now under investigation.

2: The significant of macrophages in lymph node. Not only dendritic cells but also macrophages are involved in the immune system and lymphocyte activation in lymphoreticular systems. The correlation between anti-cancer immunity in cancer tissues and macrophages in lymph node are now under investigation.

3: Drug discovery and screening regulating macrophage functions. In various disorders such as cancer, metabolic syndrome, and atherosclerosis, macrophage activation is very important step in the pathological progression. Recently we reported the screening system of macrophage-regulating compounds and that corosolic acid significantly suppressed tumor development and lung metastasis. The studies using other novel compounds are now under investigation.

4: The functions of CD163 in macrophages. CD163 is a scavenger receptor specifically expressed on macrophage. CD163 is involved in the clearance of hemoglobin and haptoglobin complex and phagocytosis of bacteria. More detail functions or roles of CD163 are now under investigation using CD163-deficient mice.


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Accepted articles

Komohara Y.
Fujiwara Y.
Yano H.

1. Tubakihara H, Sawayama H, Komohara Y, Miyamoto Y, Ogawa K, Ohuchi M, Yoshida N, Baba H.
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Cancer Res, in press.

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Cancer Med, in press.

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