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 Akhirin was also discovered and named in this lab. Akhirin was first found in chicken eye and generated by the signal sequence trap (SST) cloning (Ahsan et al., Dev. Dyn. 2005). The word Akhirin comes from the Bengali word ‘Akhi’ which means ‘Eye’.

 Akhirin consists of LCCL (Limulus factor C, Coch-5b2 and Lgl1) domain and VWF domain which has cell adhesion properties. It is considered as a secreted protein originated from the vitreous body of eyes and homologous to vitrin and cochlin (Mayne et al., 1999). It is secreted out of Cos-7 cells, but adheres to the cell surface and shows heterophilic adhesion activity. In chick retina it is specifically expressesd in the ciliary marginal zone (CMZ) and acts as a niche molecule.

 Akhirin is also responsible for the development, differentiation and proliferation of chick and mouse spinal cord (Athary et al., Dev. Neurobiol. 2015). Akhirin is also expected to perform the molecular role in the mise sub-ventricular zone.